The founder of Smart Business Trips - Yulia Kostevich has been contributing to Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation since 2017.

She is a Private Sector Adviser in SMEWG (Russia) in APEC, she initiates collaboration among business, government and science/academia in the APEC region with the aim to facilitate the development of small businesses in the region.

In close collaboration with the APEC economies she has designed and implemented several international projects in the APEC region with the involvement of highly-qualified experts from Singapore, Taiwan, Russia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea, etc.

Some examples of the APEC projects:

APEC Financing Opportunities Fair for women-led MSMEs

Youtube video: APEC​ Financing Opportunities Fair for women-led SMEs 

​APEC Local Innovation Ecosystem

Workshop on APEC Marketplace utilization for exporting MSMEs across APEC region

In Asia, Middle East and Europe SBT is in good connection with:

  • High tech and creative communities
  • Government-related organizations and the key innovative ecosystem players that support entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Highly qualified experts in high tech industries (Metaverse, cybersecurity, VR&AR, etc.)