CyberPhysics - Optimising operating processes solution

Industry/Technology: AI (Artificial Intelligence), beauty, data analysis, IT and programming, technologies

Region – Europe

Technology: Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis

Industry: Business Optimization

Founded: 2019

Problem solving

CyberPhysics developments contribute to the early detection of defects, prediction of equipment downtime, and the rational use of production capacities. 

CyberPhysics develops digital solutions that utilize AI and neural networks for smart management of industrial assets. The areas of expertise include: Data Analysis, Classification, Memory Circuit Monitoring and Optimization.


  • Up to 100+ units of pre-configured equipment templates
  • Up to 10% reduction in energy resource consumption
  • Up to $110 000 in savings by forecasting


  • Received investment of $568 440 (50 000 000 rubles at exchange rate on 15.01.2024)