ForecastNow – shift to sustainable approach and save up to 30% on Inventory. Demand Forecasting Solution built on Probability and Digital Twin Technology.

Industry/Technology: data analysis, ecology, innovations, IT and programming, technologies, transport and logistic

Region – Europe

With ForecatNow enterprises will save up to 30% on Inventory and shift to sustainable approach.

ForecastNow is inventory management and demand forecasting software that solves one of the most challenging problems of supply chain management: frozen company assets due to lack of accurate demand forecasting. 


ForecastNow is an add on software which helps to:

  • Stumulate Decarbonization of Supply Chain
  • Reduce Overproduction
  • Release Frozen Assets 

We have highest accuracy forecast at the market.

Smooth integration with any ERP system even with SAP and Oracle.


80+ successful implementations in various industries:

  • Electric Appliance
  • Auto Parts
  • Building materials (DIY) 
  • Groceries (Food and beverages)
  • Household chemicals and cosmetics   
  • Housewares 
  • Other