Metakosmos - Intelligent spacesuits

Industry/Technology: data analysis, innovations, science and research, spacetech, technologies

Region – Australia and Oceania

Technology: IT, Advanced Materials, Data analytics 

Industry: SpaceTech

Founded: 2021

Problem solving

The startup aims to revolutionize spacesuit accessibility and usage by enabling technologies such as spacesuit design, production, biomechanical data generation, and connected software. These innovative spacesuits are made using specially designed fabrics that are highly resistant to the extreme conditions of outer space. In order to ensure precise data collection, Metakosmos employs a combination of electro-mechanical systems, biomechanics, and artificial intelligence in the development of these spacesuits.


The integration of flexible sensors and micro-electromechanical systems in the spacesuit allows for tracking biomarkers and regulating temperature, providing enhanced protection against injuries.


  • developed a platform that enables astronauts to simulate missions using a digital twin
  • nominated for two categories at the Australian Space Awards 2023
  • finalist of the challenges and hub programs (Avalon Hub, Land Forces 2022 Innovation PitchFest,Wolfpack Space Hub’s  etc.)