OrbitAID - In-orbit refueling technology

Industry/Technology: innovations, spacetech

Region – Asia

Technology: DeepTech, Innovation

Industry: SpaceTech

Founded: 2021

Problem solving

Autonomous docking and refueling of satellites in space to lower the operational costs and enable dynamic satellite operations.

OrbitAID specializes in the development and production of an innovative technology called the Standard Interface for Docking and Refueling Port (S.I.D.R.P). This cutting-edge solution, known for its autonomous capabilities, facilitates the docking and refueling of satellites in space.


  • Capability of supplying propellant tanker satellites to LEO, GEO, cis-Lunar and interplanetary missions.
  • Reliable and seamless integration with existing satellite connectors.
  • Working with a range of fuels, including monopropellants, bi-propellants, and electric propulsion fuels.


  • Received MSME Ideahachtan Grant 2023
  • Numerous successes with refueling and docking ground test 
  • Finalist of the Starburst Accelerator Program and Kicksky accelerator program (2023)