PAC Corporation - water heating system from reusing energy of air conditioners

Industry/Technology: ecology, energy, innovations, science and research, technologies

Region – Asia

Founded: 2016

Technology: Energy Recyclyng, Innovation

Industry: Green energy

Problem solving

Reducing global warming and electricity consumption by reusing energy resources

PAC Corporation has developed innovative water heater PAC Frenergy, which utilizes the heat generated by an air conditioner. It produces hot water by extracting energy from the air conditioner's compressor before it gets released into the atmosphere. The system is capable of producing hot water up to 70°C without the need for electricity.


  • Reducing electricity costs at least by 20%
  • Environment impact: reducing heat transfer to the atmosphere by 15%
  • Market diversity: suitable for a wide range of customers, including hotels, resorts, spas, hospitals, housing projects, and factories


  • Numerous awards, such as the National Innovation Awards (Economy Award Winner) in 2020 and Green Design Winner in 2018.
  • Exported air conditioners and water heaters products with sales of 1.3 million dollars (2019)
  • Total sales comprise of 80% domestic sales and 20% overseas market sales, which include the Maldives, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.