VUNO - AI based Diagnostic Support Systems for the Healthcare. View the invisible, know the unknown

Industry/Technology: AI (Artificial Intelligence), data analysis, healthcare, innovations, science and research, technologies

Region – Asia

AI-based Diagnostic Support Systems, addressing bone age assessment, neurodegenerative disorders (Alzheimer's and vascular dementia) and diseases with signs visible on chest X-rays or CT scans and even eye abnormalities.


VUNO Med Solutions help in:

  • Abnormality screening and early detection
  • Diagnostic and decision support
  • Early warning of patient deterioration
  • Remote patient monitoring

VUNO’s Deep Learning-based Early Warning System (DEWS) helps healthcare staff to predict cardiac arrest chance in hospitalised patient within 24 hours.


Listed on KOSDAQ
1 st MFDS Approved Medical AI
1 st Breakthrough Medical Device

30+ Regulatory Clearances 
500+ Hospitals & Clinics
80+ Publications
80+ Patents