Asian InsurTech Startups Accelerator

until 28.08.2024
Industry/Technology: healthcare, innovations, technologies

Regions – Asia

The program is designed to catalyze groundbreaking collaborations that have the potential to lead to proofs of concept and even open doors to fundraising opportunities.

Focus areas

  1. Customer Experience: how can we reduce friction during the onboarding process and improve the buying experience for customers by simplifying the steps required to purchase insurance products?
  2. Onboarding Experience: how might we enhance the decision-making process for customers by integrating relevant health data to provide personalized product recommendations and improve their understanding of insurance options?
  3. Payments Experience: how can we develop more user-friendly payment methods, especially for recurring payments, to cater to the needs of the B40 segment and ensure seamless premium transactions?
  4. Growth Partnerships: how might we explore partnerships or avenues to gain access to an existing customer base, allowing us to expand our reach and serve a wider audience effectively?
  5. Process Optimization: how can we expedite the claims process to enhance customer satisfaction and ensure a smooth and efficient experience when customers need to make a claim?
  6. Product Education: how might we use personalized approaches and health data integration to educate customers about insurance products during the onboarding process, ensuring they make informed decisions based on their unique needs?
  7. Increase Lifetime Value: how can we strategically up-sell or cross-sell relevant insurance products to existing customers, providing them with comprehensive coverage while increasing customer loyalty?
  8. Financial Inclusion: how might we improve payment options, especially for recurring payments, to cater to the needs of the B40 segment (people whose income is in the bottom 40% of the total population), during the onboarding process, enhancing their accessibility to insurance products?

Eligibility criteria

  1. Start-ups that have received funding and are at the seed stage or beyond. Demonstrating a tangible product and showing some traction in target market is essential.
  2. Insurtech and adjacent vertical start-ups that have innovative collaboration ideas.
  3. Start-ups based in Asia and enthusiastic about pursuing collaborations with competition`s organisators in Malaysia.


  1. Industry Expertise.
  2. Acceleration of Growth.
  3. Fundraising Opportunities.
  4. Access to Customers and Markets.
  5. Resource Support.
  6. Networking and Community.