Built Environment Innovation Challenge

until 26.10.2024
Industry/Technology: construction, innovations, technologies

Regions – Asia

The program is aimed at finding innovative solutions to operational challenges within the built environment sector.

Focus areas

1. A solution automating the detection of violations and incidents in hard-to-reach industrial zones, improving response time, and reducing patrols. This solution should work in challenging environmental conditions and ensure safe data use and storage. It should be applied in one or more areas:

- Robotics/remote control;

- Digital automation;

- Internet of Things and sensors;

- Wearable devices and auxiliary equipment.

2. A toilet cleaning solution that considers different types of toilets, ensuring efficiency, cleanliness control, and simplifying cleaner tasks. Robotic solutions and improved cleaning materials are being considered.

3. A solution to inspect and efficiently clean clogged sewage pipes in buildings, considering typical pipe sizes and constraints. The goal is a simple and convenient solution that requires less human labour.

Eligibility criteria

  1. The solution's development period should not exceed 1 year. Participants must provide an estimated development timeline that includes stages and meets the task requirements.
  2. Your solution aligns with one of the directions.
  3. Foreign companies can apply if they are registered on the GeBiz portal.


  1. Funding up to 250,000 Singapore Dollars (182,000 US Dollars).
  2. Commercialization of the product or solution.
  3. Project piloting.