Composite Materials Innovation Program

until 26.11.2024
Industry/Technology: construction, innovations, technologies

Regions – , Europe

The aim of the program is to promote and recognize innovative solutions in the field of composite materials worldwide.

Focus areas

  1. Automotive and Road Transportation;
  2. Aerospace, Defense;
  3. Security & Ballistics; 
  4. Renewable Energy; 
  5. Building & Construction; 
  6. Infrastructure & Civil Engineering;
  7. Oil & Gas; 
  8. Medical & Prosthetics; 
  9. Electronics; 
  10. Industrial Equipment; 
  11. Furniture & Appliances;
  12. Sports & Leisure and Marine.

Eligibility criteria

  1. You are a company, university, or research and development centre with an innovative solution in one of the specified areas.


  1. International recognition.
  2. Participation in the JEC World exhibition.
  3. Access to the market and partners.
  4. Increased customer trust.

33 finalists will be selected by the internal jury by the beginning of December 2023. An external jury will select one winner in each category. The winners will be announced on February 1st in Paris.