Cultural and Tourism Project Participation Program

until 31.12.2023
Industry/Technology: education, innovations, technologies, Sustainable Development Goals

Regions – Asia

The program aims to attract companies to develop cultural and tourism projects in the region.  

Focus areas

Applications are accepted in the following areas:

  1. Technology and libraries: Abu Dhabi Children's Library is seeking innovative, game-changing solutions to enhance the engagement of younger generations. Submission criteria: Share unique and concise project concepts in PDF format.
  2. Rental technologies: an innovative technological solution for booking and renting space in cultural facilities in the Middle East. The booking solution should be user-friendly.
  3. Retail in Culture Centers: the organizers are looking for an expert to create a retail strategy for three Art & Cultural centers, starting with the programs and events at Abu Dhabi and Al Ain sites. Submission criteria: descriptive concept and profile. Applications can be submitted in PDF or MVP format.
  4. Summer destinations: looking for ideas to attract more visitors to Abu Dhabi during the summer season.
  5. Innovative tool or platform that can accurately determine the location of tourists and recommend nearby events. The solution must guarantee accurate location tracking regardless of the scale of the event. Submission criteria: a presentation describing the solution and its implementation. Applications can be submitted in PDF format.
  6. One-day budget trip route to Abu Dhabi for $30 USD. Submission criteria: at least 5 routes with descriptions of budget one-day trips to Abu Dhabi.
  7. Public Parks Activation: the organizers are looking for concepts to activate and engage the community in making the parks in the Emirate a landmark for visitors. Submission criteria: descriptive concept related to the heritage and culture of the Middle East.
  8. Understanding tourist behaviour using Web3 technologies, including AI, IoT, and wearable devices for marketing campaigns planning. Some of the questions include: Can Web3 technologies help solve travel problems? What about two-way communication and engagement between the region and guests? Why shouldn't travelers be able to try before they buy?
  9. Concepts for attracting young people to cultural professions. Submission criteria: a detailed description of the idea with a justification of how it can be implemented. Applications will be ranked by an internal talent development committee based on its relevance to the region.
  10. Ideas for attracting the public to cultural and tourism events that promote environmental, ethical, and social responsibility.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Your project is devoted to one of the specified directions.
  2. Your project must be original and innovative.
  3. Your project must not belong to others.


  1. Monetary reward.
  2. Collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Abu Dhabi.