Cultural Heritage Research Support Program of the UAE

until 17.07.2024
Industry/Technology: education, innovations, science and research, technologies, tourism

Regions – Asia

The aim of the program is to fund research projects that reveal and document the history and traditions of the UAE.

Focus areas

  1. History and archaeology of the UAE, including archaeological fieldwork, laboratory analysis, and archival research;
  2. Intangible heritage of the country, including oral stories about traditions, tales, and songs;
  3. History of the UAE's interaction with other countries of the Arabian Peninsula and South Asia from ancient times to nowadays;
  4. The role of Sheikh Zayed Sultan Al Nahyan in social, cultural, and economic development;
  5. Conferences and lectures dedicated to one or more of the required areas.

Eligibility criteria

  1. The program is open to researchers, professors, and students from around the world studying the culture and history of the UAE.
  2. It is necessary to submit a research project for 3 years to obtain large grants.


  1. Grants of 70,000 AED.
  2. Large grants of 150,000 AED.
  3. Travel expenses may be included in the budget.