Deep-Tech Startup Accelerator

until 31.12.2023
Industry/Technology: COVID-19, data analysis, ecology, healthcare, innovations, social entrepreneurship, technologies, social welfare, Sustainable Development Goals

Regions – Europe

The program focuses on creating startups in the deep-tech field to solve global social problems. The accelerator brings co-founders together in teams, helps them start working on deep-tech projects, and introduces them to investors and mentors who will help them create a viable deep-tech business as they go through the acceleration program.

Eligibility criteria

  1. You are interested in working in deep-tech to solve a global social problem but do not have a team.
  2. You possess an entrepreneurial spirit.
  3. You are ready to become a co-founder and hold a position such as CEO, CTO, or CBO.


  1. Joining a team with other co-founders to work in the deep-tech field.
  2. Completing a 9-month acceleration program with the formed team.
  3. Assistance with the quick launch of the startup in the market.
  4. Networking with a global community of investors, venture capitalists, experts, and mentors.