European Support Program

until 31.08.2024
Applications are accepted all year round
Industry/Technology: technologies, innovations, healthcare, advertising and marketing, social welfare, data analysis, beauty

Regions – Europe

The program is a comprehensive support system for both aspiring entrepreneurs and experienced teams, offering assistance in transforming ideas into functional businesses. It provides the tools, resources, and connections needed to flourish.

Focus areas

  1. Venture Studio: this track is ideal for entrepreneurs who possess a promising idea and aim to build a startup from the ground up. The organizers will guide you in refining your concept, creating a minimum viable product, testing its viability, and attracting initial customers.
  2. Acceleration Program (6 months): if your product is already in the market and gaining initial traction, the program will help to grow your company. It blends capital access, expert guidance, and an extensive network encompassing corporate partners, international brands, investors, and fellow entrepreneurs.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Venture Studio: you are an entrepreneur with a promising business idea.
  2. Accelerator: you lead a team with a product already in the market, usually at the pre-seed/seed stages.
  3. Your work lies in the following domains:
  • Beauty;
  • Fintech;
  • Health;
  • Home;
  • Media;
  • Retail;
  • Travel;
  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data.


1. Venture Studio Participants:

  • A 12-month program tailored to your specific needs.
  • $350,000 investment for a 25% stake: $140,000 for product development and $210,000 for launch readiness.
  • Guidance from the experienced program team in various aspects like product development, design, business expansion, technology integration, growth strategies, PR, branding, fundraising, and talent recruitment.
  • Access to dedicated office space during the program duration.

2. Accelerator Participants:

  • A 6-month program personalized to meet your startup's unique requirements and growth goals.
  • $42,000 investment for a 4-7% stake.
  • Mentorship from a team well-versed in the industry, investment, entrepreneurship, and having worked with over 200 startups.
  • Connection to industry giants: Based on your startup's needs, these corporations can offer support in distribution, pilot project launches, commercial partnerships, product validation, and more.
  • Integration into the esteemed alumni network and shared knowledge base.

By joining the program, you open the doors to a supportive community that can guide, propel, and elevate your startup's trajectory. Whether you're laying the foundation or seeking to expand your market presence, it is designed to cater to your specific needs and ambitions.