Industry Accelerator for Built Environment

until 07.11.2024
Industry/Technology: construction, design, innovations, technologies

Regions – Asia

The program is designed to build a vibrant innovation ecosystem for the Built Environment sector in Singapore.

Focus areas

1. Improved design and manufacturing:

- Automated control of precast reinforced concrete products;

- Digital test for the development of concrete strength in the production of precast reinforced concrete products;

- Mechanical connection of reinforcing bars;

- Marking for the production of precast bathrooms.

2. Automation and robotics for construction:

- Automated concrete grinding for walls and ceilings;

- Automatic grouting of floor tiles;

- Automated installation of noise protection panels.

3. Construction supervision, technical maintenance, and object management:

- Inspection of HDB blocks.

4. Delivery of digital assets and project management:

- AI-based video analytics for progress monitoring;

- Automated data collection on carbon emissions;

- Data-centric approach to trench cutter machine operations;

- Intelligent remote monitoring system for hydro insulation;

- Tracking of materials for cement tankers.

Eligibility criteria

- The competition is open to innovative start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises around the world;

- Your project solves a problem in one of the above areas;

- Your company is officially registered;

For local companies:

- You have at least 30% of the local shareholding;

- Your annual turnover is less than 100 million Singapore dollars.


The winners will receive:

  • Opportunity to co-develop, test and pilot a solution with key players in the built environment industry;
  • Entrepreneurship Development Grant up to SGD 250,000;
  • Market access;
  • Access to the largest corporations in the industry.