Open call for innovative solutions enhancing responsible consumption and production

until 31.03.2024
Industry/Technology: agriculture, ecology, food system, IT and programming, science and research, technologies, transport and logistic, Sustainable Development Goals

Region – Asia

The challenge aims to identify and scale innovative solutions to address sustainability challenges in the UAE, focusing on responsible consumption and production, aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goal 12. 

Focus areas

  1. Circular Design Principles
  2. Resource Efficiency
  3. Supply Chain Sustainability
  4. Eco-friendly Packaging
  5. Waste Reduction, Recycling, and Reusing
  6. Consumer Education and Awareness

Eligibility criteria

  1. Scale-up companies addressing responsible consumption and production challenges.
  2. Registered in the UAE or any other country as a company, non-profit organization, or social enterprise.
  3. Representing a scale-up company with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) ready for market entry.
  4. Operational capability to execute a pilot program.
  5. Strong promotion of diversity and inclusion.
  6. Solutions should focus on responsible consumption and production, adaptable and scalable in the UAE.
  7. Solutions can be products, services or processes.


  1. Pilot project implementation.
  2. Access to innovation business incubator for one year.
  3. Participation in a virtual Investor Day Pitch for finalists.
  4. Mentorship with industry experts throughout the pilot implementation.
  5. Cash prizes: $13 500 First-Place, $6800 Second-Place.