Sports Technology Accelerator

until 15.01.2024
Industry/Technology: innovations, technologies, sport

Region – Asia

The program aims to support technological startups in the sports industry and help them enter the regional market.

Focus areas

1. Sports Performance:

  • Data analysis and team management;
  • Psychological and physical health care;
  • Psychological and physical training.

2. Stadium Experience:

  • Ticket and attendance control;
  • Virtual reality;
  • Additional services and products.

3. Fan Interaction and Engagement:

  • Online interaction with fans;
  • Online broadcasting and virtual reality;
  • Marketing and social media;
  • Games and content.

Eligibility criteria

1. Your project aligns with one of the specified focus areas.

2. Your company is registered in the following countries: Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Australia, Canada, Chile.


1. Pitch sessions with over 100 industry experts.

2. Mentoring and guidance.

3. Investment meeting for funding opportunities.

4. Access to the market and partner network.