Technology Startups International Program

until 31.12.2023
Industry/Technology: construction, fintech, IT and programming, innovations, technologies, transport and logistic

Region – Asia

The program aims to support, develop, and promote technology startups from around the world.

Focus areas

1. FinTech:

  • Artificial intelligence;
  • Digital assets;
  • ESG;
  • RegTech;
  • Web 3.0

2. PropTech:

  • Green materials and clean energy;
  • Digital flow management technologies;
  • Smart t monitoring and precautions;
  • Automated control and operation;
  • Waste management.

3. Mobility Tech (transportation and logistics systems):

  • Electrification;
  • Route optimization;
  • Sustainability;
  • Warehouse;
  • Data collaboration.

Eligibility criteria

1. Technology companies established within the last 10 years can join the program.

2. Your project should have the potential and strategy to enter the market and reach its goals


1. Funding up to $10,000 USD.

* It is possible to receive a  grant of up to $60,000 USD.

2. Joining an event in Hong Kong.

3. Access to a network of investors and partners.

4. Access to the regional market.