The International Competition for Innovative Projects in Europe

until 11.04.2024
Industry/Technology: AI (Artificial Intelligence), art, data analysis, energy, fintech, healthcare, inclusive business, innovations, IT and programming, science and research, social entrepreneurship, technologies, tourism, transport and logistic, sport

Region – Europe

The International Competition for Innovative Projects is the largest international startup competition in Italy. This event brings together major players in innovation and entrepreneurship for a showcase of groundbreaking ideas and projects, offering significant opportunities for startups, investors, and industry experts to collaborate.

Focus areas

  • Urban Dynamics and Community Solutions
  • Health and Wellness Innovations
  • Future of Work and Workplace Solutions
  • Cultural Exploration and Travel Tech
  • Agritech Innovations in Food Systems
  • Educational Innovations and EdTech Solutions
  • Retail Revolution and Customer Experience Enhancements
  • Cutting-edge Marketing Innovations
  • Media and Entertainment Technology
  • Sports Technology and Event Management
  • Fintech Innovations in Finance and Insurance
  • Sustainable Living and Environmental Solutions

Eligibility criteria

  • Entrepreneurs can enter individually or as a team.
  • The competition is open to technological/digital projects.
  • The project impacts on one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


  • Investment opportunities
  • Showcasing to an international audience
  • B2B meetings and high-level networking
  • Participation in industry educational stages and panels
  • Access to the global network of experts and industry leaders