Zero Hunger Accelerator program

until 31.12.2023
Industry/Technology: innovations, technologies, social welfare

Regions – Europe

Accelerator program for social entrepreneurs, designers, scientists, programmers, and developers to achieve the second Goal of Sustainable Development - Zero Hunger.

Focus areas

Participants must propose an innovative and technological solution to help people facing severe living conditions worldwide overcome the problem of hunger. 

Eligibility criteria

  1. Your startup must be registered as a legal entity, which can be either a commercial or non-commercial organization.
  2. Your project must be at least at the minimum viable product (MVP) stage.
  3. Your project must be financially viable
  4. You have a long-term strategy.
  5. Your project is dedicated to solving problems for vulnerable populations, and it will have a significant impact and be profitable.


  1. Workshops.
  2. Participation in a pitch session where you will present your project to potential partners, investors, and officials.
  3. Additional opportunities:
    • Participate in a six-month accelerator program.
    • Receive funding up to $100,000, with subsequent funding depending on progress and measurable achievements of key goals.
    • Gain access to a wide network of partners from the private and public sectors to accelerate the implementation of your solution.