Market research

Before entering a new market it is crucial to know market needs and demands, local players, competitors, prices, logistics details, other.

Neglection of preliminary market research may lead to extra cost and time in developing business. 

SBT will facilitate your first step on the Russian market, save your time and open Russian market for you.

We provide you with real-time feedback on your offer and help you to get prepared for your business activity in Russia. 

If you have questions like: 

1. Do you have demand on this or that product in Russia:

  • Information on similar products in Russia
  • Information on the actual retailers and wholesalers at the moment
  • Average price in Russia 

2. What countries supply similar products in Russia? Can I compete with them?

3. What are the logistics details and how much it would cost me to deliver your products to Russia:

  • Possible ways of transportation (by avia, auto, sea and railway);
  • Features of the delivery (e.g. refrigerators for fresh food products);
  • Possible routes of shipment, requirements for import of special products (e.g. medical products);
  • Calculation of delivery cost including custom taxes, insurance, and different delivery ways.

4. How to find a potential partner?

5. What language is better to get in touch with? Can I communicate with partners in Russia in English?

We are here to help.

Send us an inquiry to and provide detail on your products\services.